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Once you’ve decided you want to get into the best shape of your life and be a part of a community of like-minded people, it’s time to book a Student Consultation/Intro to Absolute Strength. Do it alone or bring a friend along to your 60-minute free intro session where you’ll get started by first meeting your personal coach.

Your coach will explain to you the Absolute Strength philosophy and how it will get you, and keep you, more fit than you ever could have imagined. We will also put you through a short fitness assessment to determine your current strengths and limitations.

You will begin one-on-one personal training sessions with your coach. During these sessions, you will learn 35 to 40 key movements that will build strength, speed, power and stamina. You will learn about proper warm-ups, mobility and recovery and develop better body awareness and injury-prevention. We will also tackle your diet, nutrition, and will work with your coach to discover the best fuel for your individual needs.  You’ll set short and long-term goals and commit to a plan to achieve them. After an average of 8 sessions, you will be ready to graduate to group classes.

You will start attending group classes. The social environment gives you a different sort of push, and will help you reach new heights of fitness. At the same time, you will continue to work with your coach on your specific limitations in a one-on-on environment once a week or once a month. This will help both you and your coach continue to monitor your progress and will help keep you safe and injury-free.

We all operate under the general philosophy of CrossFit, which is great, but how an individual gym is run, the programming, the energy, and the specific philosophies vary greatly.

You may have experience with CrossFit and this session will be for us to make sure you are ready to jump into classes.

Maybe you haven’t worked out in years and are a little rough around the edges. You will need some skill and movement/mobility work with our Personal Training Foundations Course.  In order to assure your safety and smooth transition into the group classes.

If you are like the rest of us, you will take our personal training foundations sessions.  In order to the learn 35 to 40 key movements and other principles of Absolute Strength.

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